Guides: Buying Football Shirts on eBay

eBay is a superb resource for finding the football shirt of your dreams. There are literally thousands to choose from, and prices start really low. What’s more it’s easy to do, safe, and a lot of fun. eBay provides excellent buyer protection, to ensure you have a smooth transaction, and you get the shirt you want with the minimum of fuss. New to eBay? Registration is fast and free, click here.

If you’re building your collection, or just starting out, or if you just want to find a specific shirt, keep an eye on You can bookmark the page of your team, and each time you check back you’ll be able to see what’s available right now.

Always read the description of the shirts you are looking at on eBay, just to make sure it is the right size, and in a suitable condition, and do remember, older shirts can show signs of wear and tear. The good sellers always tell you exactly what condition the shirt is in, sometimes they are brand new and have never been worn!

eBay Auctions

Many sellers auction their shirts, they start at a low price, and if you’re lucky you’ll get a bargain. If you see a shirt you like, decide how much you’re prepared to pay, and place your bid, you may well find yourself bidding against others. eBay will notify you if you’ve been outbid, offering you a chance to raise your bid. There is a time limit on each eBay auction (varies between 5-10 days usually), so as soon as the time is up, you’ll find out if you were the winner! You never know, you might be the only one bidding, and you’ll get it at the lowest price.

eBay Buy it Now

Often you will see shirts advertised on eBay as ‘Buy it Now’, these are the easiest of all, if you see a shirt you want, you simply click on ‘Buy it Now’ and pay for it, most sellers accept PayPal, so once again, your transaction is perfectly safe.

eBay Feedback

And finally, eBay Feedback, a great way for you to check out a seller. Buyers & sellers can evaluate each other through eBay’s feedback system. The seller & winning bidder of an auction are both given the chance to rate each other on the sale, this means you can see if the seller is reputable.