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LEGAL NOTICE: We have been instructed by a law firm representing PSG called Legalbase that we are not allowed to display the Paris Saint Germain F.C. (PSG) logo/crest/badge on our website. Legalbase have also told us: "the e-commerce website hosted by you offers the following purported Paris Saint-Germain & PSG products for sale" and that this is unlawful. In fact, we are not actually selling anything. We have gathered a list of links to a selection of PSG products which are being sold by online retailers like Kitbag, Lovell Soccer and various sellers on eBay. This is the service our website offers: we put links to all the shirts we've found for a particular team, from lots of different places, in one place from various online stores where you can buy them. All the photos we display on our website are provided to us with the permission of the vendors/sellers in order to provide links to their online point of sale. We believe this is OK. However, we are just football fans helping other football fans find great shirts for their favourite football teams, we are not legal experts in any way.

We are trying to resolve this matter with Legalbase and Paris Saint Germain F.C. but until then we are not displaying any PSG products on this website. Sorry about that.